Apparel and Branding

Do you need apparel or product design help?

Hoodies, Beanies, Tank Tops, T-Shirts, Socks, Custom Corporate Coffee Mugs, or whatever product it is we can help. Team Nerdherder can start from scratch and make some new designs for your products or simply get designs “print ready”. Utilize our creative skills and design insight. What are yo waiting for? We are holding are breathe awaiting your call!

How do I get my companies logo or brand 'laser activated'?

Laser Activated is a term that we at Nerdherder have trademarked. We use a special formula and print process that helps the ink on our designs hold light pigmentation mixed with our skilled designers creative designs. Follow the next step and contact us to start the collaboration process with Team Nerdherder.

Is it really that important to do online branding?

Life is complex in today’s society. The old fashion single brand maintenance philosophy is gone. We are in the digital age where you now have the “physical brand” that is constrained by time and space and your virtual “digital brand”. Your brands maintenance is constant and it is something we all do and some are better at it than others. Do not forget that we also have the online brand to maintain, nourish, polish and present to the world. Your online presence is not restricted to a geographical location but roams and communicates beyond the time-space continuum.

Can you help with removing negative publicity or re-branding?

Yes, Team Nerdherder is your one stop shop from branding assets to online reputation management. Keep in mind evolution is inevitable. Embrace the change. Revamping your business requires shifting your thinking and being ready, willing and able to let go of things you felt were perfect, which may no longer be the case. The first step is to be open to changing or adjusting the way you do business. You also have to be prepared to act immediately. Take action and be in control.

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