Business Marketing Strategy

Have you included target audiences in your strategy?

Targeting simplifies your message and matches your marketing with those most likely to respond however not all targeting is created equal. Here at Team Nerdherder we help you target your specific demographic and generate the best ROI.

Can you describe your business in one simple sentence?

Knowing how to simplify your business and describe it using powerful words will help summarize your company when explaining it. Team Nerdherder wants to teach our future clients so we want to prepare you with a simple how to write this simple sentence strategy we picked up over the years.

“My business, (Insert Company Name Here), is developing (A Defined Offering) to help (A Defined Audience) that (Solve A Problem) with (That Secret Recipe). ”

What makes your business different from all the others?

Differentiation from your competition is more effective than direct mail, web sites, blogs, referrals, or publicity. However, before any of those things wont really have any impact on your business until you uncover and communicate a way in which your business is different from every other business that says they do what you do.

Dominate with Team Nerdherder as we help you make the biggest impact using the best marketing methods.

Have you done research on local/online competing business?

Marketers today think they are doing a pretty good job at targeting. But according to Forrester, however, while 66 percent of marketers feel they are doing an excellent or very good job at personalizing advertising and marketing; only 31 percent of consumers agree. However, Don’t fret. Team Nerdherder is here to help you connect with your current and potential clients using our superior methods and secret strategies.

What advantage does your business have over other business?

Large, Mid size and smaller companies all have their advantages along with your secret formula. That secret sauce that you add to your company as a trump card or advantage must be defined. Every business has it. Mix all of this with Team Nerdherder’s skill list and you have a recipe for success!

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