Graphic Design and Photography

1. Keep your message simple and use lots of imagery

Nobody wants to read anything anymore. Attention is given to visually stimulating or aesthetically coherent data. Condensing a complex idea into an relatable impression is the essence of good branding.

2. Determine what media form is actually necessary

Do you need a business card or a website? Your strengths as a networker should be complimented by an identifiable style, If your character sells itself–maybe you just need a T-Shirt.

3. From a user-perspective, polished graphics and clean typography legitimize your business—what standards have you set for your brand?

There are many degrees of visually stimulating amature design, but the standard of professional design is to produce aesthetically coherent data. There are thousands of visual rules the amature doesn’t consider, each corner cut lessens your business legitimacy and confuses the viewers eye.

4. Current trends reinforcing brands using unique photography and custom iconography

As of 2016 Facebook is now getting back into Emoticons, responsive websites are displacing smartphone apps, and smartphone apps are replacing taxi’s and hotels. In the future Google may drive our cars, but before that time–trends in visual style and interface usability will have cycled many times. Team Nerd Herder keeps up with the frontier, so naturally we can customize a solution to suit your brand’s need.

5. It's not always easy to effectively communicate your ideas to a designer.

Keep a collection of images you can share that include: ideas that inspire your brand, impressions that speak to your audience, and screenshots of like-genre and competitor businesses.

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