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1. Why is User Interface so important?

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is popular for a good reason: the human brain processes information more effectively when it is accompanied by images, or by short, memorable statements. People might not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember powerful imagery. Team Nerdherder can help create these positive connections and emotions you want from viewers.

2. Wireframes and Functionality Reports

Designing a wire frame is the back bone for any project according to Team Nerdherder. A wireframe is about functionality. It can be a really simple sketch that demonstrates what sort of things you can do in your design to a click-able PDF file. For example, a wire-frame of a website will show the navigation, the main buttons, the columns, the placing of different elements. You can think of it as a blueprint for a website, application, etc.

Functionality Reports are simply a checklist that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the wireframe designing process.

3. So 'UX' means User Experience?

Team Nerdherder can help if you are designing an app or re-designing. To really be successful nowadays, UX designers must be very agile with the adaptability to quickly read an organization, understand its business, and operate within its constraints. Rather than being passive, the customer is now becoming a crucial part of the experience. As larger organizations seek to focus on UX, Team Nerdherder’s designers are experts at the dynamics of organizations and operate at the overlap of business and user experience.

4. Mock-Ups and PDF Decks

Looking for a PDF Mockup or PDF Deck for a product? Team Nerdherder is up for the task as one of the most important elements of designing an object, a building, a website, a deck (or anything for that matter) is the mock-up. A mock-up is a realistic representation of what the product will look like, be it a flyer, website, an application or anything.

PDF Decks create a setting for your product or brand. Presentation is everything.

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