Online Reputation Management & E-Commerce

1. Digital branding, public relations, and reputation management
Today’s customer looks at online reviews for most products and services before making a decision. We help mitigate the damage done by negative reviews through optimizing search engines to display more positive information, encouraging 4 or 5 star reviews from happy customers, and directly requesting take-downs of libelous content to name a few.

2. Selling your products and/or services online
If you are still deciding whether or not to move your business online, consider this; total US E-Commerce Sales as a percentage of Retail Sales is increasing faster than ever before (currently at $87.5 billion). No matter how large or small your store, how many products you have to offer, or if you’re simply looking to accept payments for your service online- we’re here to help you increase your overall sales by significantly widening your customer base. We build E-Commerce solutions utilizing Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and a plethora of other tools.

3. Online business consulting and analytics. (related main category from picture: Consulting & Analytics)
Many active businesses digital marketing profiles (websites, social media outlets, online advertising, etc) are littered with inefficiencies, unknowingly costing them significant amounts of money. Our experts will audit your online expenditures, methodologies, and overall plan using advanced analytics to ensure you’re getting the services that you are paying for. Our recommendations are always based on your bottom line as increasing our customers’ overall long term ROI is our mission.

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